2021 Augsburg Reunion--Survey

Welcome all ASA Veterans


Greetings to all Augsburg Veterans, including all ASA, INSCOM, NSGA and USAF ESC veterans, as well as those who, as General Tom Flynn has stated, "passed through Augsburg on a train on the way to Oktoberfest." Any and all are welcome.


We would like to have the 43rd Augsburg Reunion on October 2nd, 2021, and we need your input. We would like your thoughts on having the reunion this year or waiting another year. The Bavarian Brauhaus is operational and can accommodate our group.

As you know the Brauhaus is a public venue, and the Maryland governor just recently announced masks are no longer required but it's still an individual choice. Given these circumstances, we would like to know your thoughts. Please reply to this email by June 29th to let us know if you would attend. We will send a follow-up email with the survey results on or about July 1st.


This information will also be posted on the appropriate Yahoo and Facebook group pages as well as on the www.augsburgreunion.org web site.


Summary of key points:

- You may receive this information from multiple sources. However, there is no need to reply more than once. Please reply with your name and email address.

REPLY to bdoyle3333@gmail.com (only respond to one notice, please!)


- Should the results indicate going forward with the reunion, attendees will be required to pay up front, either via check or by PayPal or possibly other payment options.


- The reunion is subject to change or cancellation based on the COVID situation and Maryland directives as we near the date. In the event of cancellation all monies will be refunded.


FYI, it appears other reunions are in the planning stages as well:


- A5 ROF Reunion is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday October 6th at the Bavarian Brauhaus

- ASA Turkey Reunion is scheduled for October 3rd to 6th in North Myrtle Beach, SC

- 2nd Ops Reunion is scheduled for October 8th to 11th in Tucson, AZ

Please respond as quickly as possible and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you in advance and stay tuned.